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9 Songs to Help you Heal from COVID-19 Trauma

No matter who you are, I can almost guarantee that COVID has changed your life in some way. Some changes may be good, some bad, some sad, or you may not even know what the change is yet.

Songs can make us feel like someone hears us. They make you realize you are not alone, someone else has felt the same way you feel.

COVID has been a grieving process for many people, and it is a shared global experience.

  • You may have lost a loved one during COVID and you’re grieving that person.

  • You may feel like you just wish life would go back to the way it was, you’re grieving your past lifestyle.

  • You may just wish you could feel safe again, you’re grieving the feeling of security.

  • You may have changed as a person, relationships may have changed, you may be grieving some of your past identities/the person you were before COVID.

Whether you’re grieving a loved one, your old lifestyle, the loss of safety, or part of your identity; it is safe to say you might be grieving something or someone today.

Wherever you are in this process today, let these songs remind you that you are not alone; others have felt loss just like you.

1. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

Raise your hand if COVID-19 has felt like a landslide?

Can you sail through the changing ocean tide and handle the seasons of your life? Yes, you can. Is it easy, no. Remember COVID is a season and even though changes are hard, time can heal the pain. Sometimes taking a moment to recognize that life has changed can help you heal from the loss you are experiencing. Sometimes time can make you bolder.

Remember to give yourself grace on the days that COVID has you down, but remember one day you’ll probably say, “Wow, remember when COVID happened. I have changed so much”.

You can decide how you’ll grow through this time of change.

2. She used to be Mine – Sara Bareilles

Do you ever feel like you don’t recognize yourself? Sometimes you may only remember your past self and wish you could be that person again.

This song can be interpreted in many ways. One way is reflecting on your past self.

“She is gone but she used to be mine”. Remember that your past self is what made you the person you are today. It’s ok to miss the person you used to be, but remember you have the power to choose who you will be today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Love yourself through the changes.

3. From a Distance – Bette Midler

‘Social distancing’ is a household term now, we have become used to being physically distant from those we care about. In many ways COVID revealed the ugliness of the world; violence, fighting, disease, hunger, climate struggles, racism… This ugliness can seem much more present when we see the world from a distance [at home from on our screens].

Although it is important to see the darker areas of our world, don’t forget “the harmony, the voice of hope, the voice of peace, the voice of everyman”, the voice of hope and peace may different for everyone. Take a moment to reflect on who brings you hope and peace.

Think about one small thing you can do today to make the world more harmonious. Try not feeling overwhelmed by the noise around you, this could make you freeze. Instead, chose to be proactive, not reactive.

By calmly doing one act of kindness every day, you can change someone’s world.

4. Visiting Hours – Ed Sheeran

For those of you who have lost a loved one during COVID-19, allow this song to fill you with happy memories of the person that you lost. Allow this song to remind you that even though heaven doesn’t have visiting hours, you carry your loved one with you every day. It’s the way you talk, the way you communicate with others, the way you raise your kids, and the way you remember their advice on the hard days…

You are who you are because of them.

5. People – Barbra Streisand

COVID has revealed how much we need people. If your situation does not allow you to see people in person, do anything you can to stay connected to those you care about. Chances are they need you too. Take a moment to call, facetime, or message someone today. Stay as connected as possible to those around you.

Don’t be ashamed that you need others, it’s the way we are made.

6. Because I Knew You – From Wicked. Performed by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel

Sometimes relationships change during difficult times. Hard times often reveal who is there for us and who makes us a priority. There may be some friendships and relationships that you are grieving today. Remember that each person does come into your life for a reason. You can choose what you will learn from their presence in your life. You know yourself better after every friendship.

Every friendship and relationship can change you for the better.

7. Homesick – Dua Lipa

COVID can make it feel like the sky is falling, especially when we are ‘homesick.’ When you are feeling homesick, that does not necessarily mean you are missing the house that you grew up in.

Homesick is not necessarily a place, it could be people.

Home is something or someone that makes you feel safe.

What or who gives you a reason, something to believe in? What or who keeps you going? Where do you feel safe? Who are you with when you feel safe? The answers to these questions are your home. When you’re away from this place or these people you feel homesick.

8. Safe Place to Land – Sara Bareilles and John Legend

COVID reminds us of our mortality. The imagery in this song is strong, “when holding your breath is safer than breathing”. In these times that "holding your breath does feel safer than breathing", look for the people that can show you a safe place to land. This may be your family, your friends, a support group, or a meeting with your therapist.

Knowing where you experience safety is the first step towards healing.

9. Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor Ft. John Legend

If there is one thing that COVID has taught us it’s that life is short. We must cherish every moment with those we love. Show some love to those that are right in front of you today, a person or a pet. Turn this song on and dance with your spouse, partner, children, your cat, dog… 😊

Now it’s your turn, leave a comment below to let us know what song or songs have brought you through COVID.

If you have related to any of the feelings discussed in this blog and would like a safe place to discuss or express these feelings, reach out to Noel (the director of Anderson Music Therapy, and come for a free consultation. We are here to help.


Lillian Gray, MA, MT-BC is a music therapist at Anderson Music Therapy Services. She loves empowering kids, teens, and adults to overcome emotional barriers in their life.


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