Discover 10 ways to use music to improve your residents' quality of life and staff morale!

Download our free 30 page book "Music for Seniors: Daily Music Making for Health & Wellness".

Outside of a few hours a week of music groups or individual sessions,

does the music stop?

Do we throw on the radio, and hope for the best, or do we actively make music with our residents? 

I encourage you to let go of your own fears, enter the musical space with your residents, and experience the joy of musical connection.

Not only will your residents benefit, but you and your colleagues will find more ease and happiness in your own work

Do you work with older adults?

Throughout this book you'll learn:

  • To incorporate singing and music-making into your community to support: 

    • Fitness​

    • Cognitive exercises

    • Reminiscing

    • Decreasing stress

    • And more...

  • Address support needs through music

  • Improve well-being of residents and staff

  • Potentially reduce the use of psychotropic medication.


If you have access to a Board Certified Music Therapist in your area (find one at, I would encourage you to collaborate with them to implement a fully-fledged music wellness program that can truly change the entire environment of your facility.

Our multimedia book includes:

  • 30 pages of music tips and techniques to support you and your older adults 

  • 4 videos to show you exactly how you can use music to support your residents

  • Easy to use "music flow chart" to help you discover residents' preferred songs, even if they have limited verbal capabilities

  • Fill-in-the-Blank songwriting templates for accessible songwriting experiences

  • Music-based cognitive exercises

  • And a TON more!

Learn more about the creators of this resource...

Catherine Backus & Noel Anderson

Catherine Backus is a board certified music therapist, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She spent her early career working with older adults and persons with intellectual and developmental disability in the Adult Day setting, before fate and a desire to get back to her Music Therapy roots brought her to Anderson Music Therapy Services. 


Noel Anderson is a board certified music therapist and music educator. She owns Anderson Music Therapy Services, the only full-time music therapy private practice in Roanoke, Virginia. Her practice helps toddlers through older adults with various developmental and neurologic needs reach their full potential through the power of music.


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