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   Frequently Asked Questions   


How can I pay for services?

While most clients use private pay, there are a number of funding options.

We will try our best to find an option that works for you. Everyone should have access to services that allow them to live the fullest life possible.


How do you become a music therapist?

Board Certified Music Therapist must attend an American Music Therapy Association approved university program. During their studies they obtain 200 hours of clinical practicum. After their course work they complete a 1000 hour internship. 

Upon internship completion, they qualify to take the music therapy board certification test. After they pass, they recive the credential MT-BC (Music Therapist-Board Certified). 


How long do people attend music therapy?

Typically our treatment plans are designed to be met within three to four months. However, each client is unique and their goals, expectations, motivation, and level of need determine the exact treatment timeline.


What happens in a music therapy session?

The exact methods used in each session depend on the person we're working with and their individual goals. We often use music that the client chooses. From there, we might write songs, improvise musically, re-create live music together, or listen to music to work on their goals.


Who uses music therapy?

Toddlers through older adults with developmental disabilities, neurologic differences, at-risk youth, and hospice patients experience support at Anderson Music Therapy Services.

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