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ADHD Answers: On the Benefits of Music Therapy

Do you ever wonder what is going on inside the brain of your ADHDer? Why is it so hard to motivate your child to focus and complete tasks? And why is he or she so easily distracted?

In this book, we describe the ADHD brain in a straightforward and casual manner. We also share simple ways you can use music to help your child structure his day and focus for longer periods of time.


Download this book for free, and learn how to help your child use his ADHD as a strength. Build confidence, coping skills, and motivation as you use music throughout your day.


Inside this free book you’ll find:


  • Why ADHDers struggle to focus (at times)

  • How to use your ADHD super powers

  • What makes music a powerful tool for motivation

  • Why does a strengths based approach work best

  • Specific and practical applications for using music to help you ADHDer

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Noel Anderson

Noel Anderson is a board certified music therapist and music educator. She owns Anderson Music Therapy Services, the only full-time music therapy private practice in Roanoke, Virginia. Her practice helps toddlers through older adults with various developmental and neurologic needs reach their full potential through the power of music.


Want to learn more from Noel?

Go to to find printable resources, free Mp3s, an informative blog, and books on how to use music for sleep, relaxation, stress, and more.


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Gabriel Villarreal

Gabriel Villarreal is a Licensed Practicing Counselor in Virginia. He owns and runs ADHD Counseling in the Roanoke Valley where he helps children and adults manage and master their ADHD superpowers. Additionally he owns LostBoys Strength & Conditioning and is also the host of Informed Consent, a weekly podcast supporting incoming clinicians in the mental health field.

Want to learn more from Gabriel? Go to where you will find numerous podcast interviews, articles, and videos all on ADHD. And don’t miss his weekly Facebook LIVE every Monday at Noon!


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