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Meet our Newest Music Therapist: Lillian!

Fun fact! During Lillian's sophomore year of undergrad, she found Anderson Music Therapy and shadowed our music therapist Cassie.

A few years later, and now they're co-workers! We're so excited to have Lillian join our team!
Female music therapist smiling, dark brown shoulder-length hair,  with black blazer standing in front of green bushes.

Lillian completed her internship in Massachusetts at an educational collaborative, working with children and adolescents with various developmental and intellectual disabilities. During her internship she independently developed a successful music therapy program within the school.

Since her Master's Degree is in Mental Health Counseling with a music therapy focus, she was able to support many individual clients with music therapy and talk therapy.

Read the interview below for some fun insights into how Lillian ended up where she is today.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was very young; 5 or 6, I thought I wanted to help animals feel better, I wanted to be a veterinarian. It turns out I am allergic to cats and dogs, so that wasn't the right career path for me. From a young age I felt happiest when I was helping someone else, either sharing my snacks or holding the door open for my friends.

By the time I was in middle school, I knew that I wanted a job that helped others in need, I also knew I wanted to use music in my career.

How did you learn about music therapy?

When I was in the 8th grade, I told my mom that I wanted a job that I could use music to help others.

We did a google search for jobs that involved helping other through music. This is how I discovered music therapy.

I talked to a teacher about music therapy, and they told me it may be depressing!

Due to my trust and respect for this teacher, I decided that maybe being a music teacher would be best. When I went to college I majored in applied music/piano performance, I had plans to get my master’s in special education and write a thesis that involved teaching music class for children with special needs. During my sophomore year in undergrad, I discovered that I loved psychology; this made it clear to me that music therapy was the correct career path for me.

Why did you want to become a music therapist?

I wanted to become a music therapist to help others discover the best version of themselves.

I wanted to provide a place for individuals to heal, whether emotional healing, mental healing, spiritual healing, physical healing, or neurologic healing.

I wanted to provide an opportunity for individuals to experience the healing power of music.

What is your favorite thing about being a music therapist?

My favorite thing about being an MT is helping others understand their worth, their strengths, and their ability to be independent.

Some of my greatest joy in this career are the moments that I have the privilege of witnessing a client recognize their own strengths and abilities.

If you weren’t a music therapist what would have been your career path?

Possibly a Speech Language Pathologist, Career Counselor, or a nurse.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

I would be pink because I find pink to be a relaxing and calming color.

What’s your favorite Pop/Rock song?

My favorite pop song is Glorious by David Archuleta. I love the imagery in this song. Life is like a symphony and each one of us try to find our part. Each of us have a unique melody that no one else can play. This song supports my belief that each person brings something valuable for the greater good.

When you use your strengths in this life, being the true version of yourself, others around you will become the best version of themselves.

Curious how music therapy can help you or your child be their best selves at home and in the community?

Click HERE to learn how you can overcome the barriers that are stopping you from living your best life!


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