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How long do people attend music therapy?

Typically our treatment plans are designed to be met within three to four months. However, each client is unique and their goals, expectations, motivation, and level of need determine the exact treatment timeline.


Each client begins treatment with an assessment, that will determine the exact goals and objectives they'll work on in each weekly session.


The assessment is conducted in two 45-minute sessions. As an integrative therapy, the whole person may be assessed if deemed appropriate, including; cognition, emotions, social skills, communication, sensory needs, musicality, and motor skills.


Most clients attend weekly sessions, while some attend twice a week. Sessions are either 45-minutes or 60-minutes long, depending on what's ideal for the client.

Along with verbal progress updates, private clients receive monthly written progress notes. You'll be able to see exactly how your family member is progressing toward their goals.

If you wish to continue services after initial goals are met, we will update the goals to continue empowering your family member to be their best selves.

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