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Virtual Family Mystery Night Fundraiser!

Join Anderson Music Therapy and Jump Into Mystery on October 10, 2020 for a virtual family mystery night you will never forget!

Virtual Family mystery night.png

How can I solve the mystery?

What is this exactly?

Work with your team of friends or family to solve a mystery!

Each team will get one character (spin off of a fairy tale character) and clues for each one. They will work with their team to talk to other characters playing, asking questions, and work through the mystery. Jump into Mystery will guide the process.

Think of it like the game of Clue live. Your character must work with your team and race against the other players to get the missing pieces of the mystery and solve it!

This will be a fundraiser for Anderson Music Therapy's scholarship program and proceeds from each ticket will go to support families in need of therapy who can't afford it otherwise. 

When is the event?

October 10, 6:30-8:30pm 

Is this for kids or adults?

This is a family-friendly event suitable for both adults and kids. Invite your friends and family! The game will require an adult to help children work through the mystery and material. 

Is anything required to play?

Everyone purchasing a ticket will need access to Zoom to play. Bring your sense of curiosity and fun!


How much is a ticket?

Each ticket is $25. This entitles you to play the game from one screen with your family or friends! You may also buy multiple tickets if you prefer to play from more than one screen or having family or friends playing from around the country.

Ready to have some fun for a good cause?

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