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Music Therapy  &
Adapted Music Lessons

Everyone should have access to services that allow them to live the fullest life possible.

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Supporting children, teens, adults, and older adults with developmental disabilities, TBI, spinal cord injury, dementia, neurologic conditions, mental health & end-of-life needs

Life is too busy to use therapy services that aren't motivating and don't work.

Mother and Son

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious is no way to go through life.

We understand that you’ve tried everything and have been up until 2:00am looking all over the internet to find something to help overcome your struggle.

​We know how mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting it is, and that you do everything you can but still feel helpless.

Sad on Couch


You don't have to accept...

  • Endless waitlists

  • Missin