Music Therapy & Music Lessons

for Every Stage of Life

Feel Empowered to Grow

Growth doesn't have to be frustrating or boring.

Your family member can make progress in a fun, empowering, and motivating environment that brings growth, hope, and relief.

We're here to support your health and healing through music!

Anderson Music Therapy provides evidence-based Music Therapy services for individuals throughout the life span with neurologic disorder & developmental disabilities, as well as children and teens in foster care.


Music Therapy (MT) is a creative arts therapy used to treat a range of difficulties. MT is goal directed, and aims to enable an individual and their family to increase independence and improve quality of life.

Meet our board certified therapists 

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Support Memory & Cognition

Improve Motor Skills

Communicate & Vocalize

Express Emotions Safely

Improve Attention Span & Executive Functioning


Build Healthy Relationships

At Anderson Music Therapy we use evidence-based music therapy to empower our clients to overcome barriers and be their best selves at home and in the community.

How do I get started?

2. Attend assessment sessions & develop a treatment plan

3. Meet your goals through music therapy



ready to help

your child focus better?

Discover 29 simple ways to use music at home to support your child's attention & sensory system TODAY!

Caregiver, ready for some relief?

Learn how to improve older adults' quality of life & make life easier for both of you by using music in 10 simple ways!

Proud Mom

"Anderson Music Therapy has helped Gracie find joy in something she already loved, just in a new way! She is working hard on goals and doesn't even realize it!


Admin., LTC Facility 

Music Therapy has made a huge difference in the lives of our residents and the overall program at Brandon Oaks. I would highly recommend Anderson Music Therapy to anyone who provides care for others.


Grateful Mom

"Communication has been a difficult skill to obtain for my son. Music therapy truly motivates him to try and communicate while also working on other skills.

His expressive speech is beginning to take off."

Music giveS us a place to connect, feel understood, and be ourself.

A story about the magic of music from our founder