Creative Arts Therapies 

empower you to grow!

Focus on communication, emotional, psychosocial, cognitive, academic, and motor needs all in one

cost-effective therapy.


Grow in a motivating & supportive community

We know many people run into barriers that prevent them from having the quality of life (emotional, physical, and social well-being) they really want.

We understand how frustrating and worrisome it feels to be stuck without answers or a specific direction to grow.

At Anderson Music Therapy Service we use evidence-based music therapy, art therapy, and counseling to empower our clients to overcome those barriers and be their best selves at home, work, and in the community.

We're here to give you hope, growth, and a

community to lean on.


More than 450 supported clients

Over 3,000 hours of motivating therapy


More than 3,900 individualized

music therapy session​s led

One mom's story


Serving the Roanoke Valley, NRV, Rocky Mount, Smith Mountain Lake, Danville, Martinsville, & Pulaski

How does it work?

2. Attend assessment sessions

3. Develop a plan with individualized goals 

4. Meet goals through music therapy or art therapy

Music & Art give us a place to connect, feel understood, and be ourself.

A story about the magic of music from our founder

"Anderson Music Therapy has helped Gracie find joy in something she already loved, just in a new way! She is working hard on goals and doesn't even realize it!

—  Proud Mom

If you’re looking for a motivating therapy and supportive community to help you or your family member grow, schedule a free consultation today.  

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