Music Therapy & Adapted Music Lessons

For every stage of life

Growth can often feel overwhelming

And overcoming barriers can affect every aspect of your life. Some of the most common challenges include:


With multiple therapies, your family spends more time "working" than having fun.


The cost for multiple therapies quickly adds up, resulting in financial stress.


It's easy to feel alone when you're facing barriers that are hindering a hopeful future.


You're often researching, at therapy, or driving to it. Understandably so, therapy consumes your life.

We understand and we're here to support your needs and health through music therapy!

"Anderson Music Therapy has helped Gracie find joy in something she already loved, just in a new way!


She is working hard on goals and doesn't even realize it!

Proud Mom of Anderson Music Therapy Client

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Imagine your life filled with hope and relief. 

You don't have to accept the endless therapy waitlists, isolation, and feeling of helplessness.


You deserve to find support, relief, joy, and growth.

How do I get started?

2. Attend assessment sessions & develop a treatment plan

3. Meet your goals through music therapy

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At Anderson Music Therapy we use evidence-based music therapy to empower our clients to overcome barriers and be their best selves at home and in the community.


sensory menu to help with focus

Parents, ready to help
your child focus better?

Discover 29 simple ways to use music at home to support your child's attention & sensory system TODAY!

Adult Caregiver,
ready for a break?

Learn 10 simple ways to use music and make life easier and less stressful for both of you!


kind words from people like you

Playing Guitar

Confident Performer

Music lessons helped me sort out some things overall and there was a lot of self-realization, mainly that singing is inherently a way for me to release tension and anxiety. It is more than just a voice thing for me, it is a way to regulate myself some days.


Admin., LTC Facility 

Music Therapy has made a huge difference in the lives of our residents and the overall program at Brandon Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation. I would highly recommend Anderson Music Therapy to anyone who provides care for others.


Grateful Mom

Communication has been a difficult skill to obtain for my son. Music therapy truly motivates him to try and communicate while also working on other skills.

His expressive speech is beginning to take off.

Music giveS us a place to connect, feel understood, and be ourself.

A story about the magic of music from our founder