Music Therapy  &
Adapted Music Lessons

Everyone should have access to services that allow them to live the fullest life possible.

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Life is too busy to use therapy services that aren't motivating and don't work.

Mother and Son

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious is no way to go through life.

We understand that you’ve tried everything and have been up until 2:00am looking all over the internet to find something to help your child or your aging parent not struggle.

​We know how mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting it is, and that you do everything you can but still feel helpless.



You don't have to accept...

  • Endless waitlists

  • Missing out on positive experiences

  • Lack of progress or decline

  • Feeling isolated

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You deserve to not just survive, but to thrive in a supportive community.


 Our clients experience... 

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   Get Started Today   

Using a Touch Phone schedule music therapy consultation

1 Schedule

Schedule a Free Consultation

During the call, we’ll ask a few questions to determine if music therapy is a good fit for you.

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2 Plan

Make a Plan

After the call, we’ll schedule a clinical assessment, where the client works with the music therapist to assess their needs and develop a treatment plan. 


3 Overcome

Overcome Barriers with Music Therapy

Individuals experience holistic improvement in multiple areas of their lives.


We understand that you’ve tried everything to help your child or aging parent not struggle. 

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We have years of experience working with adults & children

Board Certified Music Therapists

Master Level Therapists 

Early Intervention Practitioner

Neurologic Music Therapists

100s of families & individuals served throughout Southwest Virginia

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