Virtual Summer Camp

Would you like 4 hours of your day to be filled with music, art, and movement without the effort of planning?

We've got you covered!

Join us for our Virtual Music & Art Summer Camp!

Each day your kid will explore music and art in a different way that supports their development.


A structured, yet flexible, online program filled with specially designed and curated music and art activities to fill 4 hours of your day! This camp is great for preschoolers through elementary school-aged kids. Our self-created and carefully curated videos, hands-on experiences, and interactive worksheets will keep you sane and your kids busy. ;)

You'll get...

  • A daily schedule, to provide a flexible structure and consistency to support you and your child.

  • Four hours a day (20 hours total) of planned music, art, and movement activities & experiences!

  • Music and art experiences led by board certified music therapists and a registered art therapist, designed to support your child's development by meeting their emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative needs.

  • An optional live online music class with our amazing music therapist, Cassie!

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Camp day 1.png
Camp Day 2.png
Camp Day 3.png
Camp Day 5 (2).png

Themes Address Key Areas of Your Child's Development 

Day 1: Move Around (music & movement)

Day 2: Express Yourself! (music & emotions)

Day 3: Share Your Ideas (music & creativity)

Day 4: Learn! (music & learning)

Day 5: Play Your Music (week in review)

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Our Virtual Music & Art Camp will open soon!

Until then, we want to gift you a free day of camp to support you through this wild season.

Your free camp schedule will include 4 hours worth of video-led and hands-on music, art, and movement experiences to keep your kids engaged, learning, and having fun!