Anderson Music Therapy Launches Online Creative Arts Therapy Services to Support the Community During this Time of Crisis

Roanoke, VA 2019 / Danville, VA 24541 / Martinsville, VA 24113Anderson Music Therapy is moving online to assure mental health and therapeutic resources are still available to people who need them. Anderson Music Therapy is providing current and new clients the ability to meet therapeutic goals as usual, just through videoconferencing instead.

Anderson Music Therapy provides music therapy, art therapy, counseling, and music lessons to people throughout Southwest Virginia. They serve people with varying needs, toddlers through older adult.

Meeting through videoconferencing will assure that everyone can continue to receive the services they need while also remaining safe through social distancing.

"​It’s been a sudden change, but our therapists and clients have been really happy with how it’s working," said​ Noel Anderson, Director of Anderson Music Therapy. 

"Along with our individuals families, we’re really looking forward to being able to continue to support our older adults in long-term care facilities in a way that will assure their safety and still provide meaningful engagement! During this time especially, our older adults need a way to express their emotions and reduce stress. We’re ready to provide that through our remote services.”

Anderson Music Therapy is also giving back to the community by providing free music and art-based experiences for kids and adults through their Facebook Page as well as their private community group, Growing Through Music. They’re also running an empowering online singing and songwriting workshop for girls ages 9-14, called “Song Sisters”.


“We want to support our community by offering a safe place to express emotions and gain coping skills in a creative way. We’ll continue to do that even when this pandemic is over”.


About Anderson Music Therapy

Since 2011, Anderson Music Therapy has been committed to being an integral part of the community's support system. They use evidence-based music therapy, art therapy, and counseling to empower their clients to overcome barriers and be their best selves at home, work, and in the community





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