Music Therapy Resources

Below you will find supports we offer as well as handouts and information from presentations given by Anderson Music Therapy Services.

Creative Coping Group Resources

Stress Management Resources

Use music to reduce the emotional and physical effects of stress.​
      Download the "VAEOPP" presentation handout by clicking HERE

Caregiver Resources

As a caregiver, YOU tap in to the therapeutic qualities of music.
      Download the "MHA-Roanoke Valley" presentation handout by clicking HERE
       Click HERE to see a list of some of the most popular songs (for older
      adults) used by music therapists 

Senior Resources

Older adults, you can use music for health and wellness.
      Download the "Senior Extravaganza" presentation handout by clicking HERE

Teacher Resources

Incorporating Popular Songs in Classroom Lessons

Step 1. Pick Theme/academic concept

Step 2. Find relevant song online (see "Helpful Links")

Step 3. Pick activity (see below)


Select an Activity (step 3)
  1. Composition
    1. Listen to song & Discuss

    2. Alter lyrics/Fill in the blank

    3. Use voices only or karaoke

    4. Reflective writing

  2. Listening
    1. Discuss theme/academic concept

    2. Listen to song

    3. Use Visuals/storybook

    4. Discuss song & topic relationship

  3. Re-creation
    1. Discuss theme/academic concept

    2. Listen to song (classroom version)

      • Instruments, props, movement

      • Address sensory, communication, or social needs

    3. Brainstorm & listen to other songs on topic

Can't find what you're looking for?

Contact me to write an original song for

your students! 


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