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14 Favorite Tunes For Tots

Are there any moms out there looking for some fun and effective ways to teach your kids about daily tasks like cleaning up or brushing their teeth?

What about the slightly more challenging task of teaching your toddler how to handle their emotions?

Incorporating music is a fun and motivating way to help your kids learn lifelong skills and support them in their daily activities!

Here are a few of my favorites songs that turn every-day tasks into fun for the kids.


Songs for Daily Activities

"The Clean Up Song"

"Brush Your Teeth" by Blippi

"Go Potty" from Daniel Tiger


Songs About Emotions

"Things To Do When You Feel Sad" from Daniel Tiger

"Use your words" from Daniel Tiger

If you have Netflix, also check out "Let's Not Fight" from Word Party!


Songs for Bedtime

"Brahms Lullaby" sung by Celine Dion

"Hush Little Baby"

"River Lullaby" from The Prince of Egypt

"Rock a Bye Baby"

"Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music


Songs for Playtime

"Baby Shark" by Pinkfong

"Shake Our Sillies Out" by Andy Mason

"We Are The Dinosaurs" by The Laurie Berkner Band

"I'm Gonna Catch You" by The Laurie Berkner Band


If you enjoy using these songs with your kids come join us at our Growing Through Music online community. We help busy moms use music at home!

For more resources on incorporating music in your home, come join us on the Growing Through Music facebook page.

See you there soon!


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