Individual Art Therapy for Adults, Teens & Kids

Drawing Face

Would you or your child like to grow in areas that have been a struggle?

Have you been feeling frustrated or worried about your or your child's future? We're here to support you!


Art therapy offers a motivating and unique approach to meet therapy goals.

Our registered art therapist (ATR) is a licensed counselor (LPC) and skilled at supporting children through older adults with mental health and developmental needs.

Individual therapy consists of one-on-one sessions tailored to yours or your child's needs.​ 

Through established art therapy techniques, growth in emotional, cognitive, physical, social, and communication domains can be achieved.  

Sessions are held in our clinic located in Old Southwest (Roanoke), and may be 30 (3 y.o. and younger), 45, or 60 minutes. Sessions are typically weekly.


​We begin with a free consultation to discuss your expectations, challenges, and answer any questions. We would love to hear how we can support you!

How does it work?

2. Attend assessment session

3. Develop a plan with individualized goals 

4. Meet goals through art therapy

Here's How we're

helping people like you

"Anderson Music Therapy has helped Gracie find joy in something she already loved, just in a new way! She is working hard on goals and doesn't even realize it!

—  Malia, Proud Mom